永州市冷水滩区飞凡水刀拼花磁砖厂办公室地址位于湖南省南部,潇、湘二水汇合处永州冷水滩上岭桥镇派出所旁, 于2014年06月15日在永州市工商行政管理局冷水滩分局注册成立,我工厂主要经营大理石、瓷砖、玻璃加工销售。 (以上经营范围涉及许可经营项目的,应在取得有关部门的许可后方可经营),我们有好的产品和专业的销售和技术团队,目前团队人数有10人。 在工厂发展壮大的5年里,我们始终为客户提供好的产品和技术支持、健全的售后服务,坚持用户至上,用心服务于客户, 坚持用自己的服务去打动客户,公司秉承“保证一流质量,保持一级信誉”的经营理念, 坚持“客户第一”的原则为广大客户提供优质的服务。欢迎来电洽谈业务!

The company's main ceramic processing, the use of new waterknife technology, the ordinary ceramic cutting parquet.

Located in the south of hunan province, next to the police station in shanglingqiao town of yongzhou lengshuitan, where xiao and xiang rivers meet, the office of feifan shuitao Mosaic tile factory in lengshuitan branch of yongzhou industrial and commercial administration bureau was registered on June 15, 2014. Our factory is mainly engaged in marble, ceramic tile and glass processing and sales. (if the above business scope involves licensed business projects, it shall be operated only after obtaining the permission of relevant departments.) we have a good product and a professional sales and technical team, which currently has 10 members. In the five years of the development of the factory, we always provide our customers with good products and technical support, perfect after-sales service, adhere to customer first, service to customers, insist on their service to impress customers, the company adhering to the "quality first-class, keep the level of credibility" business philosophy, adhere to the principle of "customer first" for the general customers to provide quality services. Welcome to call to discuss business!